Having seen all the mission-style roofs around the country, especially in California and Florida, we keep coming back to the Solé Power Tile as a great residential solar roofing solution. We’ve posted about this product before , but armed with some new photos, we thought we’d take another quick look at this innovative green building product born of the partnership of US Tile and SRS Energy .


Solé Power Tiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with US Tile’s Mission profile tiles and install like a standard piece of tile with no penetrations into the tile. The resulting installation is the first in which solar components aren’t obtrusively visible.soletile06sm.jpg

These photovoltaic solar tiles are the first flexible solar electric tech to be combined with a premium roofing product. It is no longer necessary to make aesthetic compromises for sustainable choices. Installation and integration of the solar tiles into an existing Mission tile roof is a relatively simple process. The Solé system seamlessly installs with US Tile’s authentic clay tiles, maintaining the integrity of the roofscape without the penetrations and mounting equipment required with conventional solar panels. The tiles are lightweight and glass-free and require expensive mounting equipment.

US Tile operates a zero waste manufacturing facility and their roofing products can all be reused or recycled. Made in the USA, the Power Tiles are currently only availabl...