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Recycled Furniture Retailers Spokane WA

Local resource for recycled furniture retailers in Spokane. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to eco-friendly furniture, as well as advice and content on furniture, interior decorations, and home furnishing made from 100% recycled and upcycled materials.

bel&bel -Recycled Car Forms Seat 600 Sofa

by Ross D @ 12:45 pm


sofa6002.jpgInnovative Spanish design studio, bel&bel, created its handsomely retro SEAT 600 Sofa from the remains of a couple of classic Spanish cars. The frame and bed consist of recycled materials and the rear of the piece sports an upcycled mini-bar. The piece also packs a 160 watt amp, speakers and jack for your iPod. Quite the eco meets retro home entertainment center.

The sofa features working headlights and directional signals just in case your next cocktail party takes an unexpected turn.


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Getting Industrial -Recycled Steel Drum = Designer Seating -Stanker

by Ross D @ 1:01 pm


Recycling taken to the next level. The ‘Nelson’ chair is the creation of French artist, visionary furniture designer and high-end recycler, Francois Royer and Stanker Design . This industrial seating unit is an eye-catching amalgamation of recycled brushed silver steel drum, repurposed birch bedbase slats and a couple of rubber stops.



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